We all feel discomfort at times by Rachel Bussey




Discomfort. We’ve all felt it. Its that dark, terrifying place of the unknown where the possibilities are endless and fears of failure are strong. “What if they don't like me? What if no one buys this? How will anyone believe me? When will this all be over?” These are all questions I’ve asked myself on countless occasions only to find out that the answer is on the other side of my discomfort. Unfortunately, there are no mile markers on this road of life saying to exit in 1 mile to avoid failure. What we do have, is the ability to be prepared and armored with courage and a willingness to learn from our bumps in the road.

My name is Rachel, I am the founder of the plant-based food blog Messy Bun Kitchen, Assistant Editor + Developer of MJ Lifestyle Magazine and a signed Model; and I know a thing or two about fear and discomfort.

A little over a year ago I quit my very comfortable job in the rapidly paced industry of cannabis to chase after a lifelong dream to model. Growing up a ballerina turned gymnast, I was always extremely strong, flexible and tall; always hearing “Have you thought about modeling?” and laughing in the inquirers face kindly thanking them for the compliment and changing the subject. Me, a model? Always dreamt of it but after being bullied and watching painfully beautiful women grace magazine covers and ad campaigns that looked nothing like me, I was extremely discouraged. So in turn, I worked. I worked hard. After finishing high school, I attended a culinary school where I would further develop my passion for food and learn the techniques of cross-cultural cuisine.

After working in the food industry for a few years, I came to realize that I was never really the biggest fan of animal products which lead me to turn vegetarian and ultimately transitioning to being full out plant-based. If you too are plant-based you probably hear the same questions I heard when attending a party, family gathering or event; “What do you eat when your plant-based aside from salad and carrot sticks?” This is where Messy Bun Kitchen was born. After bringing my own plant-based treats to these gatherings and leaving everyone in attendance awestruck, I realized instead of individually writing out recipe cards for those who asked, I could just post them on a site (Thank goodness for technology!).

In transitioning to a plant-based diet, I began to notice a sort of clarity and energy in times where I would otherwise be exhausted or melancholy. Not only was my body reacting to the fresh and natural products that I was taking in but also processing it in a positive manner. There are a million and 10 blog posts out there talking about “Why/How I went Vegan..blah blah blah” so I’ll spare you the time but as far as the benefits of being plant-based goes I live by a very simple mantra.

“When you put good in, you receive good back”

This means clear skin, radiant energy, and of course, single-handedly fighting against the livestock industry. Everyone has their reasons. For me, I personally just love to feel my best at all times and if I just so happen to look great, feel great AND fight for a cause that helps save lives; I’ll always be here for it.

After realizing the blog could be so much more than just recipes, I began venturing into the ecomm side of the business which is expected to roll out sometime in 2019. I find it funny when people say “It's hard running a business” because they never really explain WHY its hard. I’ll add to the conversation and say, it’s extremely difficult. Writing your business plan, setting goals, purchasing product, organizing product, marketing, brand development, advertising, legal, and so on gets really intense and can be overwhelming; I’m here to tell you ITS ALL DOABLE! Taking your time to learn the best route for you is key in your success. Being uncomfortable and taking a leap of faith will guide you toward higher success while teaching you value of that success. As women in today’s world, there has never been a better time than now to dive into the world of entrepreneurship while empowering one another to fight for and carry out our dreams of what we believe in. As we approach a new year, what leaps into discomfort for change will you take?

We, your tribe of moon sisters, are waiting.

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