Clean Water and Sanitation

“It all started with the issue of safe water. Which should never be an issue”


These are the simple and compelling words that head the website of LifeStraw. LifeStraw is a revolutionary straw style filter that allows the transferral of contaminated water into safe and, most importantly, drinkable water. Removing 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa, this innovation actively works to provide harmless and beneficial water to those unable to source this themselves.

You may be thinking, how does this straw of all things affect you? Well, it doesn’t. And that’s the point.

For many of us, safe and readily available drinking water is a given – something that we have been blessed with since birth and, more often than not, take for granted. And while our beautiful Earth thrives with gorgeous and vast oceans, very little of this is drinkable – especially without the correct facilities.

At least 1.8 billion people globally have no choice but to gather their drinking water from contaminated areas, which in turn drastically compels the growth of life crippling, waterborne diseases. With 1,000 children dying because of these preventable illnesses, LifeStraw works to reach such communities.

No one should ever be afraid of drinking the very thing that brings them life.

How can you help?

LifeStraw functions through the means of funding– resourced from individuals and organizations. Every contribution counts.

If you wish to get involved with LifeStraw:


Allow someone the chance to access your privilege. Weird thinking of water as a privilege, right?

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