Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.

Okay ladies, let’s do something a little different. Let’s take the emphasis off ‘gender equality’ for a moment and focus on the ‘empowerment’ part of the statement. While the fight for equality is a struggle we all wish to end, I think for women, the fight for UNION is a journey we first must begin. 


For a lifetime, women have fought for the most basic of human rights. Throughout time, we have clawed our way through the corporal masses, battled for our right of choice and spoke up when we were told to sit down. And while it’s safe to say we are determined like never before to persevere and surpass our gender-bound confinements, more often than not, we leave our fellow fighting women in the dust. So, why is it that we tend to view our sex as competitors rather than allies? Some might say it all comes down to the age-old attachment of a woman’s value to that of the approval granted from the opposite sex (preposterous, right?!). Regardless the reason, my ladies, it needs to end. 


We must stop viewing our colleagues, our friends– even our family– as a comparison of worth and start spreading positivity and self-love. As women, we learn first-hand of the trepidations attached to the gender to which we are confined - how difficult the fight for relevance in this world can be! It is only right we make it our mission to join forces and make this journey a little easier for one another. After all, if we can’t see the good within our own sex... who will?


Change starts from within, my loves, and change starts small. It only takes one positive thought to begin the domino effect that is our journey. Start brightening the light within to let it radiate out. 

Love those small craters that hide on the edge of your smile, count the sun-kissed spots that kiss the tips of your cheeks and end of your nose... but most importantly, let those around you know how much you love the way they smile even when it’s hard to see. 


Empowerment creates change


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