Life tips to reduce your carbon footprint

Life tips that will impact the environment-


Hello Beautiful Souls,


If you love breathtaking beaches and tropical spaces that end up in many peoples calendars or screensavers … you better read this. 


As you know the natural wonders, sea breeze, and starry nights that we relish won’t always be around. You’ve heard of global warming, light pollution, animal extinction, drying up resources… the list goes on and on. It may be hard to solve these detrimental issues that effect everyone 365 days a year but we still should try. As a citizens of the world we still have the ability to join hands and change the little things that won’t cause havoc on our normal routines no matter where we live. Please look through these suggestions and join the movement engrained in the soul of Karma Bikinis #wearlessdomore, specifically here to #domore and #beconscious 


So you already checked out our awesome sustainable, ethical and philanthropic bikinis, so now let’s do our part and help save the planet!



-When withdrawing, transferring, depositing and using ATMS please don’t print your receipts, snap a picture of the transaction or ask to be emailed instead (if the option presents itself)

-Out with the old in with the new? Before you buy new items, cellphones, clothing, furniture etc. try and find another owner or take the items to a recycling center

-Give away old towels, blankets, bedding etc. to an animal shelter

-Decline plastic straws, end the addiction you straw biters, it will all be ok! Just get into the habit of drinking from the rim, or carry a reusable straw 

-Get a travel mug, there’s so many nice and cute designs that it will just add some flare to your step. Some places including Starbucks and Costa will give you a discount for switching from their normal disposable cups

-Reduce physical mail by asking for emails instead

-Donate things on facebooks, or use the free section on craigslist 

-Buy biodegradable doggie bags

-Use washable cloth napkins vs. paper

-Reuse plastic bags, don’t trash them, or even better buy reusable totes

-Go to the library or buy used books



-Hang clothes out to dry inside or outside your home

-Make sure your home is properly insulated, stay cooler in the summer and save some coin $$



-Buy rechargeable batteries

-Use matches instead of plastic lighters

-Buy cotton swabs with paper vs. plastic

-Get plants for your home, looks chic and smells great

-Try to avoid beef and lamb as much as possible for you and your pets as its the worst livestock for our environment and will add value to your health!

-Try meat free days, vegan and vegetarian alternatives can be delicious, even addictive with the right herbs, sauces and spices

-Buy local produce and try to figure out how to make it available to your daily meals

-Turn off the plugs in the walls when you are asleep and switch off appliances, lights, air conditioning etc when you aren’t using them


You do not have to do these but if you do we at Karma Bikinis thanks you! It may take a while to integrate all these into your life, do one do all, as long as you can try to commit to one change is possible. Baby steps, baby steps. Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any more tips we can add. Have a lovely day sexy people.




Antje Karina


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