Save our Seas

Growing up as a child in Chile, I thought it was normal to see dirty water. I thought it was normal to see dead fish. I thought it was normal to not be able to bathe in the ocean. This all changed when I started travelling. I was confused seeing everybody just jump in the water as if there was no tomorrow. Why are these people swimming in the ocean? Don’t they know they might get allergic reactions?

Since I grew up with dirty water, every time I showered I would get rashes and extreme dryness on my skin. Thinking it was just because I had sensitive skin, I ignored it until it became an actual problem in my life. Getting out of any water, and immediately getting hives and red rashes all over my body, trying to treat it but it wouldn’t go away. I immediately consulted a dermatologist.











 The dermatologist told me to stay away from water, and specifically to “just shower for 2 minutes max.” At the moment, I was more than happy to have found the solution to my problem, but after thinking about it, well… is it normal for me to just shower for 2 minutes? Is it my problem or is it the pollution?

Later, I saw on the news that there were millions of squids and sardines in Chile that had died due to hypoxia (deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues). Not only was it affecting the human population, but it also started affecting the animals in the ocean.

Being frustrated and annoyed because I can’t really change anything this drastic in a short amount of time, made me realize that I need to be more aware of everything I do. Even the smallest things can affect millions of lives.

How can you possibly help? That’s a very good question. Once you think about how much effort, money, and time it would actually take to help ocean conservation, many of us are demotivated. But Karma Bikinis has your back. We do everything through fashion and 7% of our profits go to ocean conservation. That’s why I love being a part of this team; to be able to make something out of something we all love: fashion.

Let’s start being more aware of what we do, the amount of water we use, and reflect what we do in our daily lives that can possibly affect the future generations. Let’s all be a part of this and help conserve the oceans! 

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