Changing the world: one bikini at a time

We at Karma Bikinis have two passions - transforming fashion and transforming the world. That's why we have not one, but two mission statements: 

Business Mission Statement 

Karma Bikinis strives to offer the most unique styles of swimwear made from high quality, sustainably sourced, and ethically manufactured materials. Our limited quantity lines released strategically throughout the year ensure that our customers will always be on the forefront of new fashion trends, while also making a difference in the world around them. Donating 7% of our profits to ocean conservation efforts is only a fraction of what Karma Bikinis does to take part in the movement towards rebuilding our planet and helping everyone and everything living on it. At Karma Bikinis, luxe swim and social responsibility meet in a cohesive balance; our customers can be sure that their value stretches far beyond a stylish bikini. We step beyond the creation of cutting edge designs to embody and spread a positive message. Think good thoughts. Say nice things. Because.. everything comes back.

Social Mission Statement

Rooted in our love for the ocean and need to protect it, Karma Bikinis has committed to the UN's 17 Sustainability Goals. We recognize the urgency in which action must be taken in order for us all to meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of the tomorrow. Not only do we ourselves want to leave the world a better place than we found it, but we also hope to raise awareness for issues that effect our customers, inform them of what part they can take in enacting change, and encourage others to do the same. We go beyond fashion, sustainability, and even stretch past the common perception of social responsibility to truly exemplify what we stand for and call attention to social and environmental injustices. 

Be sure to read over our blog to learn more about what Karma Bikinis is doing around the globe to work towards better bikinis and a better world. 


There are two ways to change the world... invest and inspire. We will continue to invest in our oceans, our brothers and sisters around the world, and causes close to our hearts. But more importantly, we will do our best to ignite the same fire that we have for creating a more sustainable, peaceful, and loving world in others. One bikini at a time. 


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